I’m a food-loving nerd, working on my PhD in Comparative Literature. While my research is not focused on food, I tie my search for the perfect nuggets of information to my desire to make the perfect bites of food. My academic research hinges on an investigation of various social and political contexts, analyzing how writing creates a space in which people can voice reactions to these contexts.  Although the subject matter in my research is different, I see food as inherently related. The act of cooking is a form of writing. While food is used to nourish our bodies, cooking is a deeply creative act, in which one can express feelings and desires. Furthermore, the food we eat is greatly influenced by our socio-political contexts. The food we eat depends on primarily the availability of the resources required to eat. This involves an understanding of the dynamics of all levels of food distribution and consumption. 

My goal is to analyze our experiences of food from all angles, including everything from the operations of how we receive our food to how we can express emotions in the acts of cooking and eating. Dedicated to a stimulating interaction with food, the intention of this site is to engage in exploring and learning about food, to share it with the world, and to continue to learn from others. On this site, you’ll find critical essays on interactions with food, but you’ll also find creative writing about my experiences with food. Enjoy!


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