For life’s greatest redundancies:

Take a plantain
On the verge
Of turning brown
Slice it thinly
Sauté on medium heat
In plenty of
Push it around the pan
Gently with a wooden spoon
Allowing them to rotate
Just enough
So they become crisp
But gooey
Edges melting

Serve it up
In a plantain-shaped ceramic dish
Tilt your head back
Close your eyes
Let the warm gooey
Sweet-and-savory morsel
Swim around from
Teeth to tongue
Slipping down
The back of your throat

When the world sends superfluity
Each plantain
Can taste anew
When cooked
In the moment’s freshness
A different spice blend
A different level of heat
A different choice of pan
A different choice of oil

Softening the extraneous

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